There are times in Life when a chance meeting can really make an impact on your life, and such a meeting happened when we met Nick Meakin the CEO from Aqualution Ltd.

Having been volunteering for a regenerative agricultural organisation for some time and beginning to understand the need for a more natural approach to animal welfare, this chance meeting was now becoming an exciting opportunity.

The more we learned about HOCL and the somewhat endless uses, the more we could relate it to the work we were doing.

It was at this point we were appointed Key partners and UK and EU distributors for Aqualution Ltd. Having secured an experienced team of marketers and working closely with the ASL team we have been able to produce our own branded product to suit our specific markets and customers.

Groundbreaking products and solutions

Hypochlorous HOCl is one of the most effective known biocides and is the same molecule produced by the human immune system to kill invasive organisms and fight infection.

Supplying stable hypochlorous HOCl for pathogen control with a 12 months shelf life.

We supply bottled products and bespoke on-site production Hypo Solution technology which is effective for humans, animals, and environments.


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