HOCl is the most effective disinfectant agent, which is more powerful than bleach, but completely natural, and safe for human contact, animals, plants and food and is environmentally friendly, with no harmful chemicals, no waste product, no preservatives, no colour, no alcohol and no allergic reaction.

A weak acid made up of nothing more than electrolysed salt and water, HOCl contains no harsh chemicals or toxins, is pH skin friendly and perfectly safe around children’s toys, children’s rooms, food preparation areas, clothing, packaging and or around the home or office.

Because of this, hypochlorous acid uses are on the rise and you may be surprised at some of them!

Cleaning and germ control.

  • Widely used in hospitals for sterilising delicate equipment, and entire room fogging.
  • HOCl is used to eradicate Legionella and pseudomonas in public service water systems such as in over 100 NHS Hospitals, many international hotels, and Wembley Stadium as examples.
  • Surface de-contamination around the home or office – work tops, food preparation areas and equipment, bathroom handles, door handles, all touch-contaminated objects. Spray or atomiser.Baby play areas, toys, feeding equipment, bottles, and blankets.
  • Sterilise toothbrushes, including in dental practices to clean equipment and entire room fogging.
  • Antiseptic and disinfectant across all fabrics, surfaces, and air sterilisation.
  • Sanitise animal huts, cages and beds, killing 99.9% of all bacteria.

Fresh Food & Produce

  • Decontaminates and prolongs shelf-life, reduces odours in storage areas.
  • Reduces risk of upset stomach from badly washed raw produce.
  • HOCl is used in supermarkets for fresh fruit and vegetable washing and misting.
  • HOCl is used for water purification purposes.

Personal Hygiene.

  • Natural, no alcohol handwashing.
  • Cuts and abrasions heal much faster. Post-operative stitching.
    All infected wounds
  • Athlete’s foot, verrucas and warts; cold sores (Herpes).
  • Natural no metals underarm/personal deodorant.
  • Gargle/mouthwash – Thrush, Gingivitis.
  • Eye infections (diluted).

Animals and Veterinary

  • Open wounds, cuts, stubborn infections, rashes or skin irritations.
    Ringworm, mud fever, foot rot, sarcoid, eye infections (diluted), dermatitis bacteria.
  • Control bacteria and biofilm in contaminated drinking water.
  • HOCl has been adopted by Equine and pet health care providers for broken skin injuries and housing and parlour disinfection.
  • Dry, itchy, flaky or smelly skin problems.

Plants and Horticulture

  • Kills any fungal contamination.
  • Use as leaf wipe or spray.
  • Water disinfection and cleaning irrigation systems

Agriculture and Dairy Farming

  • Kills any fungal contamination.  Ringworm, mud fever, foot rot, sarcoid, dermatitis bacteria.
  • Control bacteria and biofilm in contaminated drinking water.
  • Cluster disinfection and cleaning irrigation systems.
  • Housing, Parlour and bed hygiene and disinfection

Hypochlorous is the future of germ control and topical antiseptic care, without any of the constraints of other toxic and potentially harmful alternatives used up until now.