2021 was the year of the campervan…it was also the year of a global pandemic; a virus that caused panic and worry across the world.

So, given there was a pandemic going on, why did hundreds of people choose to holiday across the UK in a campervan or caravan and how did we make this safe?

The UK was given the green light for leisure travel in July 2021 after a somewhat mixed season with lockdowns and Covid-19 cases on the rise.  This may have been later than most years for summer travel, but that didn’t stop the UK from embracing caravan/camper life and heading to the hills to enjoy some much-needed holiday rest and time away from the months spent indoors during lockdown.

Jepson’s Ribble Valley Motorhome Company specialise in hiring a range of camper/motorhomes and have seen it’s biggest rise for demand yet – they have experienced more than double the number of people enquiring about the hire of their luxurious camper vans, meaning they were turning people away.

Campervans were top of the list, as a safer way to travel – as families and couples choose contactless ‘check-in’, self-catering accommodation, and the choice of where to head too, many choosing rural areas away from busy hot spots.

With ultimate flexibility another huge benefit, travellers can choose to move around wherever they feel safe and is allowed and changes can be made quickly and easily.

Of course, these vans are hired out by the day, meaning there is a high turnaround and little time in-between bookings.   Naturally Jepson’s take the hygiene of each camper very seriously and making sure there is enough time between bookings to thoroughly clean and sanitise each area of the van, ready for the next family to take off into the sunset is top priority.


In comes the HypoMISTER which is used in every van in-between every booking.

By misting each vehicle in-between hires, Jepson’s customers can rest easy knowing that all areas of the van are fully sanitised. 10x more powerful than bleach, yet as gentle as water, vaporising HypoPROTECT in every camper safely sanitises every surface the mist touches, including light fittings, tables, beds, cupboards, and other hard-to-reach areas, killing 99.9999% of bacteria spores and viruses in compliance with EU regulations on contact.

Customers can feel safe knowing that each time they hire a van from Jepson’s the entire area has been safely misted and sanitised and is freshly clean ready for their new adventures.

Judging by forward bookings, camper holidays are likely to continue in popularity, with the staycation trend set to continue – be sure to get in early for 2022 and book your date by talking to Ryan of Jepson Motorhome Company here:

  • ALCOHOL FREE – Contains no alcohol or harmful chemicals.
  • NO PPE REQUIRED- As there are no hazardous chemicals it is suitable to use without protective clothing or PPE.
  • PH NEUTRAL -Non-sensitising and non-irritating to even the most sensitive skin so suitable for all the family – even little ones.