Dairy Herd Management

Remove antibiotics from your dairy herd with the power of electrolysed water technology that kills 99.9999% of bacteria and 99.99% of viruses on contact.

Diary Herd Management

Remove antibiotics from your dairy herd with the power of electrolyzed water technology that kills 99.9999% of bacteria and 99.99% of viruses on contact.

Diary Herd Management

Remove antibiotics from your dairy herd with the power of electrolyzed water technology that kills 99.9999% of bacteria and 99.99% of viruses on contact.


  • Increased milk production. At one farm, dosing the animal’s drinking water and silage resulted in 10 ‐ 19% increase of milk production.
  • Better quality silage. Spraying 15‐20 litres per ton results in less spoilage + higher nutritional value. Helps animals get to full weight and health faster.
  • Prevents disease, illness. A few include diarrhoea, PED, E. coli, salmonella, legionella, and mastitis (most common affliction of dairy cows). Simple teat washing with Solosan® pre‐milking and after milking helps prevent mastitis infection from occurring.
  • Reduces vet and medicine costs. The expense of antibiotics and other chemicals are dramatically reduced or eliminated (Example: use of Copper sulfate, Zinc sulfate, and Formalinc in hoof baths are replaced with simple Solosan® wash)
  • Cleaning, sanitising equipment without chemicals. Perfect for milking machines, water lines, storage tanks, etc.
  • Livestock eat better and display greater well-being with a higher mortality rate
  • Organic and Eco‐friendly. Because it’s produced naturally and uses no synthetic or toxic chemicals, Solosan® helps you earn and maintain organic certification. Any residual or used water can be disposed of without additional treatment and with no restrictions.

Discover the non-toxic and non-corrosive total farm disinfectant solution that is safe, non-toxic and all-natural. Our product is formulated from hypochlorous (HOCl), which uses Electrochemical Activation technology to transform our earth’s most natural solvent – water.

Harmless to humans and animals and chemical-free, Solosan® can be used around cuts and wounds to prevent infection, kills dermatitis bacteria, is perfect through milking lines and as a pre or post teat wash, as well as for drinking water treatment and general hygiene to prevent infection and improving animal welfare and economic loss.

It can also be fogged into sheds to reduce environmental contamination, keeping beds and stalls germ-free, and is non-irritating and non-sensitising – completely skin safe.


Available in a range of sizes and formats to suit various environments and applications, as a liquid or spray. Kills pathogens in under one minute. non-irritating and non-sensitising on human and animal skin


HypoAGRI is a unique, patented water purification system that produces anolyte water for the dairy industries. The science of anolyte has been known for 180 years: it is nothing more than salt, water, and an electrical charge resulting in a natural biocide. It uses zero chemicals, is non‐toxic and eco‐friendly.


Simply connect your existing water line to your Solosan® system, fill your brine tank with salt, turn on the system and begin producing anolyte dosed water.


Once tap water is connected, feed the salt solution from its separate reservoir and the water is ready to use. Anolyte is collected in a buffer tank, where it can be sprayed or fogged onto any area that requires sanitisation.


360 degree spray nozzle helping you to position the mist direction dependant on the placement in any given space.


LED controls which display the temperature, relative humidity, and mist level in the room.


5.3L tank for the Salvesan solution, lasting approx. 31 days with an average daily use of 1 hour.
Contaminated Drinking
13ml per 1Litre (1no IBC of Hypo farm treats 76,923
Litres of Water)
Controls Bacteria & Biofilm
Algae control for Field Troughs
Reduces Calf Mortality
Improved lactating cow health - reducing need for immune boosting
Reduce antibiotic use
Improved milk yield - Healthy cows are more productive
Possible use of ground source water
Parlour & Housing
Use Neat - As supplied in containersCan be used with animals in-situ with no deleterious effects
Prevents and Controls pathogens, bacteria and infections throughout the
More cost effective
No harmful legacy issues - no toxic residues
Safe for use around humans, animals and the environment - can be safely
disposed of to STP, manure and soil
Suitable for Calf Stalls, feed buckets, pails & drinking butts
ClustersUse Neat - As supplied in containersCan be used in both manual and auto back flush systems
No impact on rubbers and liners supporting optimum life
Suitable as Equipment Disinfectant
Cross contamination control
Teat Care - Mastitis &
wound Control
Use Neat - As supplied in containersPre and post wash
Helps increase milk production/yield
Reduced mastitis & Subclinical mastitis
Reduced wounds
Additional parlour/housing disinfection benefits
Reduced Somatic Cell Count
Feet CareMaintenance - 133ml per 1litre of water (20 Litre jar treats
150Litres of Water)
Infection Outbreak - Use Neat
Digital Dermatitis Control
Less lameness
Higher Yield
Lower mortality rate
Can be sprayed manually during milking
Can be integrated with automatic foot sprays
WorkersUse NeatSafe to use on human skin/hands for disinfection
Helps prevent cross contamination
No need for PPE to handle
Non-Irritant to skin, eyes & respiratory tract