Staff and pupils at Bowland High School, one of four schools within The Achievement Through Collaboration Trust (AtC Trust) and based in Grindleton, East Lancashire started to return to school last week after the summer holidays. In line with Government guidance, the school opened up their testing station before the start of the new year, staggered the return of pupils, and offered an LFT service to pupils twice within the first week.

The sports hall was once again converted into the testing station and a team of staff adopted the key testing roles to ensure the whole process ran smoothly. After seeing various social media posts regarding Hypo Solutions Mrs. Dakin (Operations Manager) contacted our local representative to discuss how the products could be used in school, in particular the testing station.

After discussions, Hypo Solutions supplied 750ml Hypo protect complete trigger sprays, as well as 500ml HOCl (alcohol) free hand gel. An electrostatic fogging machine was also deployed with Hypo Protect Complete 5 litre containers for top-up.

The fogger produces a dry mist to fog the surrounding area, any surface that is ‘fogged’ by the dry mist will be completely sanitised and any airborne pathogens would also be taken care of.

The fogger was deployed at the entrance to the testing hall as the pupils entered. The pupils headed into one of 4 testing booths that were sanitised in between each student with the hypochlorous solution. The lateral flow tests were handed to the results desk for inspection. The result desk technicians were behind screens also sanitised with the alcohol-free natural solution.

The new non-alcoholic hand gel has been received very well and will be introduced to the 60 dispensers outside each classroom when current supplies are exhausted.

Some parents, teachers, and pupils have expressed concern that young people are constantly applying a product that is 70% plus alcohol based to their skin and therefore the Hypo products are an ideal healthy replacement.

Mrs. Dakin said that all products had been very well received. The fogging machine caused a great deal of interest on testing days, especially with the pupils. We have now introduced the hand gel to our lunchtime routine and will roll out to the classroom dispensers when current supplies run low. Pupils commented on the fact they liked the new product as it smelt like holidays and the sea! Pupils are so interested in the product that the whole manufacturing process was discussed in science lessons earlier this week.